Columbia University Rugby Football Club Schedule

The schedule for the upcoming season is listed below. Come watch us play, and if you cannot, follow us on Twitter at @ColumbiaRugby and Instagram for updates

Fordham University (Preseason)

Saturday, September 7th at Fordham

Result: WIN (45 - 7)

Yale University (Preseason)

Saturday, September 14th at Columbia Universtiy

Result: WIN (10 - 0)

Brown University

Saturday, September 21st at Brown University

Result: LOSS (0 - 74)

Harvard University

Saturday, September 28 at Columbia University

Result: WIN (22 - 13)

University of Pennsylvania

Friday, October 4th at Columbia University

Result: WIN (34 - 12)

Princeton University

Saturday, October 19th at Princeton University

Result: WIN (45 - 28)

Cornell University

Saturday, October 26th at Cornell University

Result: WIN (62-7)

Brown University (Semi-finals)

Saturday, November 9th at Columbia University

Result: LOSS (28-60)

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