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Naomi Schrag

(212) 854-8123

Naomi Schrag is the Associate Vice President for Research Compliance in the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research, and the University's Research Integrity Officer (RIO). She oversees work on issues such as research misconduct, conflict-of-interest and international research compliance, and collaborates closely with other offices across the University to develop integrated approaches to compliance and training. Before joining Columbia in January 2006, Ms. Schrag practiced law for nine years, focusing on regulatory compliance and litigation involving biomedical research, with clients including pharmaceutical companies and not-for-profit organizations. Ms. Schrag also clerked in the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Ms. Schrag graduated from New York University School of Law in 1995. Before entering law school, she worked on an oral history of the Holocaust for the Museum of Jewish Heritage. 

Michael Klein

(212) 851-2896

Michael Klein is the Director of Research Compliance.  His work focuses on research compliance issues such as conflict-of-interest and research misconduct. Before joining Columbia in July 2008, Mr. Klein served for three years as senior attorney with the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law, the state’s interdisciplinary bioethics commission.  He also has held legal positions with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the law firm Simpson Thacher & Bartlett.  Mr. Klein graduated from Columbia Law School in 1999.  Before entering law school, he received an M.A. in science writing from the Johns Hopkins University. 

Joel Roselin

(212) 851-2897

Joel Roselin is the Assistant Director of Research Compliance Education. His work focuses on creating educational programs on research compliance and research ethics for the Columbia research community, including faculty and staff, students, and post-doctoral research fellows. Before joining Columbia, Mr. Roselin was Program Specialist in medical ethics at the Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for Ethics in Health Care. Prior to VA, he spent six years as the Director of Public Programs in the Harvard Medical School Division of Medical Ethics. Mr. Roselin is a former fellow in medical ethics at Harvard Medical School and has a degree in ethics from the Harvard Divinity School.

Michelle Avallone

(212) 851-9822

Michelle Avallone is the Research Export Control Officer. Her work focuses on matters relating to export controls and international research. Before joining Columbia in 2013, Ms. Avallone was an attorney in private practice focusing on government contracts and export controls. Ms. Avallone graduated from Columbia Law School in 2006. Prior to law school, she received a M.A. in Anthropology from Columbia University. 

Michelle Benson

(212) 851-7281

Michelle Benson is the Assistant Director for Research Integrity and Compliance. Her work focuses on promoting research and data integrity through various workshops and trainings, research group consultations, and development of resources to aid in the conduct of research. She also works on matters concerning conflict-of-interest and research misconduct. Dr. Benson has a Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her dissertation focused on heterogenous catalysis by developing new surface functionalization techniques on nanoscale metal oxides. In addition to her research at UW-Madison, Dr. Benson also worked with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation on projects involving outreach, technology transfer, and research collaboration. Before coming to Columbia in January 2014, Dr. Benson was an adjunct professor teaching undergraduate chemistry to science majors and nursing students.

Barbara Szolc

(212) 851-2899

Barbara Szolc is the Compliance Specialist. Her work focuses on helping to manage the administration of the University’s policies and processes concerning conflicts of interest in research. Barbara received an M.D. from University of Lodz, Poland, and completed her postdoctoral training in biomedical science at Northwestern University and Columbia. She was a part of the NASA Space Radiation Exploration Program (NSRSS) in 2007. Barbara has published many scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals including J. of Rad. Bio., J Vasc Interv Radiol, Magn Reson Med., Radiology, Radiation Research, Nanomedicine and Gastroenterology. Her research has mostly focused on radiation biology, immunology, neurology and social science. Prior to returning to Columbia, Dr. Szolc worked at New York University in education management, providing oversight and monitoring of pre-doctoral academic administration.

Carmen Nieves

(212) 851-2898

Carmen Nieves is the Coordinator in the Office of Research Compliance and Training, providing support to RCT’s conflict of interest, export control and research misconduct activities, as well as our many training programs.

Anderson Smith

(212) 854-4261

Anderson Smith is the Administrative Manager for the Office of Research Compliance and Training. He is primarily responsible for day-to-day office operations and finance management.