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Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting is the means by which the University certifies that the salary charged to any given activity is reasonable in relation to the effort expended on the project. "Effort" refers to the proportion of time spent on any activity, expressed as a percentage of the "Total University Effort," which includes all professional activity for which an individual is employed by Columbia University: sponsored activities, teaching, CU administrative duties, private practice, and other activities.

The University's policy on effort reporting requires all faculty who devote effort to one or more sponsored projects (whether funded by government agencies or other sponsors) to certify their own effort. This is done using a web-based system called ECRT (Effort Certification and Reporting Technology) that enables faculty to monitor and self-certify their effort percentages electronically. All researchers on sponsored projects are required to complete an on-line training course in effort reporting, and all administrators are required to complete in-person training. Visit the Effort Reporting website for additional information, FAQs and other links and tools.

A refresher of Effort Reporting topics for faculty and PIs is available here.