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Human Subjects Research


Research subjects are essential partners in much of the research conducted at Columbia University. The University has an ethical commitment to minimize the risks to research subjects and to ensure that individuals who participate in research projects conducted under its auspices (or the auspices of New York Presbyterian Hospital) do so voluntarily and with an informed understanding of what their involvement will mean. It is the role of Columbia’s Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) to see that all human subjects research conducted by Columbia faculty, employees, and staff is conducted ethically and in a manner that promotes the protection of human subjects in research. The Clinical Trials Office is the main administrative arm of clinical research for the Columbia University Medical Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital. The CTO provides comprehensive guidance and administrative resources for investigators, as well as patient access to cutting-edge clinical research opportunities.

All research with human subjects must be in compliance with University policies as well as with all state and federal regulations

For those conducting clinical research, the Clinical Research Handbook provides practical guidance in the management of clinical research at Columbia University.