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University Procedures

Research Misconduct

University Procedures

Confidentiality and Other Safeguards

The University has a strong commitment to assuring confidentiality when investigating allegations of misconduct. This commitment is reflected in the Policy, which states:

“To the extent possible consistent with a fair and thorough investigation and as allowed by law, knowledge about the identity of a Complainant, a Respondent and any Witnesses shall be limited to those persons identified in this Policy and others who need to know and all written materials and information with respect to any proceedings shall be kept confidential.”

For additional safeguards, see section K in the Institutional Policy on Misconduct in Research.

Resolution Process

The University has a process for handling formal allegations of research misconduct that can include the following steps: Inquiry, Investigation, Adjudication and Appeal. Not every case will include each of these steps. The Resolution Process flow chart details the University’s formal process for addressing allegations of research misconduct. 

Findings of Misconduct

For there to be a finding of research misconduct following a resolution process, three requirements must be met:

  • There must be a significant departure from accepted practices in the relevant research community;
  • The Research Misconduct must have been committed intentionally, knowingly or recklessly;
  • The Allegation must be proved by a Preponderance of the Evidence.