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Sponsored Projects Certification Program


Sponsored Projects Certification Program

Sponsored Projects Essentials

Sponsored Projects Essentials is a six-week course for CU administrative staff working in research that provides detailed information on creating and managing Sponsored Projects at Columbia. The course has been developed by the Office of Research Compliance and Training, Sponsored Projects Administration and Sponsored Projects Finance.  The course is designed to increase understanding among sponsored projects administrative professionals of the policies and processes that govern the Pre- and Post-Award phases of Sponsored Projects at Columbia.  It is open to Research Administrators, Department Administrators, Research Coordinators, Effort Coordinators, Grants Managers and other administrative staff involved with research who have previously participated in the Research Compliance Foundations course.

The 90-minute sessions are offered on both the Morningside and Medical Center campuses.

Each class provides useful how-to's, information and insight into the management of sponsored projects and offers opportunities to ask questions of the people best equipped to answer them.

Part 1 - Sponsored Projects Administration

Week 1: Proposal Preparation

Week 2: Budget Creation

Week 3: Award Acceptance and Program Monitoring

Part 2 - Sponsored Projects Finance

Week 4: Financial Management

Week 5: Accounting and Monitoring

Week 6: Project Closeout

The course is offered in the spring and fall.  For information, please contact Joel Roselin, Office of Research Compliance and Training, at