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Sponsored Projects Certification Program


Sponsored Projects Certification Program

Research Compliance Foundations

The Office of Research Compliance and Training, in collaboration with other research-related offices, offers a course on Research Compliance Foundations for Research Administrators.  The seven-week course provides an overview of the University‚Äôs research-related offices, procedures and policies and gives administrators the information they need to navigate effectively through them.  Experts from the responsible CU offices share important compliance information, valuable insights, and tips on how to ensure a smooth process.  There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the people best positioned to answer them.

The course is open to all University administrators who are involved in research, including Department Administrators, Project Managers/Coordinators, Grants Managers/Administrators, Research Coordinators, and other administrators whose responsibilities include research-related activities.  The course is voluntary and is offered at no charge.  Sessions are held on the Morningside and CUMC campuses.

Participating offices include: Sponsored Projects Administration, Sponsored Projects Finance, Research Policy and Indirect Cost, Institutional Review Boards, Animal Care and Use Committee, Clinical Trials Office, Environmental Health & Safety, Office of Research Compliance and Training.

The course is offered in the summer and winter.  For information, contact Joel Roselin at

Course Outline

Handouts and Slides (UNI login required)