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Sponsored Projects Certification Program


Sponsored Projects Certification Program

The Columbia University Certification in Administration of Sponsored Projects is a certificate program for Columbia administrative staff involved in sponsored projects.  The certificate program provides appropriately-trained individuals with a credential that attests to their knowledge and understanding of the policies and processes relating to the administration of sponsored projects at Columbia.  The program presents training in four key areas of pre-award and post-award administration: 

  1. Research compliance and regulatory requirements;
  2. Research roles and responsibilities at Columbia;
  3. Operational procedures and best practices for proposal development and financial management; and
  4. Resources available for compliance and operational support.

Audience: Research Administrators, Department Administrators, Research Coordinators, Effort Coordinators, Grants Managers and other administrative staff involved with sponsored projects.

Requirements: In order to receive the Certification in Administration of Sponsored Projects, an individual must complete all of the following requirements:

  1. Research Compliance Foundations .  An 8-session classroom course that provides an overview of sponsored project regulatory requirements and related Columbia roles, responsibilities and policies.  The course is taught by Columbia subject-matter experts from key research-related offices across the University.  (Note: Individuals who have attended some but not all Foundations sessions in the past will be required to attend the missed sessions.)
  2. Sponsored Projects Essentials .  A 6-session classroom course that covers pre-award and post-award operational processes and requirements.  The course is taught by subject-matter experts from Sponsored Projects Administration and Sponsored Projects Finance.  (Note: individuals must take the Foundations course before enrolling in Essentials.)
  3. Review of On-Line Case Studies .  As a supplement to the in-person courses, trainees are required to review a series of detailed case studies related to the Responsible Conduct of Research for Research Administrators. Note: this can be completed following Research Compliance Foundations.
  4. Completion of Rascal Test.  Trainees are required to demonstrate mastery of the material by successfully completing a test in Rascal. Tests are campus specific for CUMC or Morningside/LDEO.  Note: this can be completed following Research Compliance Foundations.

Timing:  There is no time limit to complete the requirements, but no certification will be awarded until all requirements have been met.  Each classroom course is taught twice each year: Foundations in summer and winter, Essentials in spring and fall.  The on-line cases and test are always available.

Information: For additional information, please contact Joel Roselin, Assistant Director of Research Compliance Education, at

Sponsors:  The Certification program is sponsored by the Office of Research Compliance and Training, in collaboration with Sponsored Projects Administration and Sponsored Projects Finance.