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Compliance Courses

The Office of Research Compliance and Training, along with other University offices, sponsors a host of courses, both on-line and in-person, covering a range of research compliance topics.  For a personalized list of trainings you may be required to take, go to the Research Compliance Training Finder. The following is a list of frequently used links to RCT training requirements.

Courses for Researchers:

Financial Conflicts of Interest and Research

Human Subjects Protection

Effort Reporting for researchers

Effort Reporting for NON-SCIENCE researchers

Columbia's "Code of Conduct" and Contractor Business Ethics

Courses for Administrators:

Research Compliance Foundations

Sponsored Projects Essentials

Effort Reporting for administrators

Courses for Students and Trainees:

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Certification in Administration of Sponsored Projects 

Administrators involved in research can earn the Columbia University Certification in Administration of Sponsored Projects by completing a curriculum of in-person courses and on-line material.  More information is available here.

Other Compliance Trainings

Environmental Health and Safety Trainings

Animal Research Trainings