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Columbia University offers a variety of training and educational opportunities for those involved in all aspects of research. The University's extensive research compliance training program includes both in-person and on-line courses, required as well as optional offerings. Resources are available for faculty, administrators, students and trainees.  

Research Compliance Training Resources

The Research Compliance Training Finder is an interactive tool that identifies which research compliance trainings an individual may be required to take.  Using a series of research-related questions, the Finder creates a personalized training chart of required and recommended trainings, complete with links to the trainings and the responsible offices.  The personalized training chart can be printed out for later reference. The Training Finder was developed in cooperation with the IRB, IACUC, EH&S and CTO.

For a list of Research Compliance Courses sponsored by and with the Office of Research Compliance and Training, click here.

For an overview of training requirements broken down by research roles, click here.