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As one of the pre-eminent research institutions in the country, Columbia University is dedicated to the highest standards of research integrity. On this site you will find descriptions of many of the offices and departments at Columbia with responsibility and oversight for various elements of research as well as links to their websites. You will also find links to relevant University policies and government guidelines that govern the research enterprise and to educational and training resources.

For an overview of the offices that support Columbia's research enterprise, take a look at the Quick Guide to Research at Columbia University.

For help identifying which research compliance trainings you may be required to take, visit the Research Compliance Training Finder

Office of Research Compliance and Training, (212) 851-2897, email us


  • Implementation of the Columbia University Policy on Institutional Conflict of Interest (ICOI) and Research.
  • University Announces Travel Policy for students, faculty, and staff traveling to Ebola-affected Countries. 
  • The University’s Guidelines for Short-Term Visitors in Research-Related and Clinical Activities help ensure that visitors’ activities are conducted in a safe, professional and responsible manner.
  • Guidance for faculty, students and staff on traveling outside the United States with laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other similar electronic devices.
  • Research Compliance Training Finder helps individuals identify research compliance trainings they may be required to take.