Columbia University 1968 - Photo #29

Rings around Low Library. Well-groomed jocks (see next shot below) form the inner ring, their coats and ties symbolizing loyalty, tradition, patriotism, law, and order. The jock ring was to there to prevent food or more people from entering the building. Coatless, tieless, hirsute pukes formed the outer ring. The puke ring lent moral support to the occupiers and tried, usually with little success, to throw food up to them. Sometimes there was friction. Later, to keep the peace, concerned white-armbanded faculty inserted themselves as an intermediate ring. Photo: Life Magazine, 10 May 1968.

Columbia University 1968 - the Majority Coalition

This is a view of the "Majority Coalition", in which you can better see how "kempt" they were. There are clearly (at least) two very different cultures at play here. Photo: Found at Columbiana, original source unknown.

Columbia University 1968 - Professor James Shenton    Here's Jim Shenton, star professor of history (and I might add, one of our best friends on the faculty, who died in 2003) with some colleagues, engaging in lively dialog with some students outside an occupied building. As noted elsewhere, he had his arm broken in the melee of April 30th. Photo: Found at Columbiana, original source unknown. (More about Jim Shenton HERE for as long as the link lasts.)