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CUCCA 1986 video by George Giraldi

Screen shots from a video by Goerge Giraldi, Columbia University Center for Computing Activies (CUCCA), 1986, featuring some (but not all) of the Watson Laboratory 7th-floor Systems group staff, followed by the shutting down of one of our DECSYSTEM-20s on May 20, 1986. I believe the first part (people) was from the same day. Click the first photo to enter the gallery and see larger versions of the images with captions. Some of the people I don't remember. CLICK HERE to watch the video (35 minutes).

—Frank da Cruz, 25 October 2021.

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CUCCA people in Watson Lab

people01 people01c people24 people25 people02 people02a people03 people04 people07 people08 people10 people11 people12 people13 people14 people15 people17 people19

Retiring CU20C

misc04 misc05 misc06 mroom00 mroom01 mroom02 mroom03 mroom04 cu20c01 cu20c02 cu20c03 cu20c04 cu20c05 cu20c06 cu20c07 cu20c08 cu20c10 cu20c11 cu20c12 cu20c14 people27 cu20c15 cu20c16

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