Columbia University Computing History   

PDP-10 and DEC-20 Memorabilia

Frank da Cruz
16 March 2011

I'll add notes and more items when/if I get a chance. Briefly, here you see: The TOPS-20 Commands Reference Card, Ralph Gorin's Assembly Language Programming Book for the DEC-20, the DEC-20 Monitor Calls Reference Manual (MCRM), Columbia University's DEC-20 Reference Card, the DEC-20 Macro Assembler Reference Manual, the program from Spring 1987 DECUS where there was a huge Kermit session, the Large Computer News issue from Spring 1978 when the DECSYSTEM-2020 was announced, a DECsystem-10 sales brochure (CPU), the (I believe one-and-only issue of the) DECsystem-10 Journal of Applications and Research, DEC-10 brochure (LA36 DECwriter), DEC-10 brochure (memory cabinets), DECsystem-10 Reference Card, DECsystem-10 Assembly Language Handbook, DECsystem-10/DECSYSTEM-20 Hardware Reference Manual, DECsystem-10 Users Handbook (the "phone book"), and a Scribe user's manual (Scribe was developed on the PDP-10 with the entire PDP-10/DEC-20 user community as guinea pigs).

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dec20-commands dec20-gorin dec20-mcrm dec20_cu_refcard dec20_macro decus-nashville-1987 lcg-news pdp10-cpu pdp10-journal pdp10-la36 pdp10-mf10 pdp10-refcard pdp10_assembler pdp10_commands pdp10_hardware pdp10_users scribe
Thanks to Leslie Maltz for the two PDP-10 handbooks.

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