Columbia University Computing History   

PDP-11 Memorabilia

Frank da Cruz
16 March 2011

The first photo (PDP-11/20) shows how 1970-era minicomputers were still delivered with a Teletype as control console.

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pdp11-20 pdp11-dmc11 pdp11-fortran pdp11-interfacing pdp11-macro pdp11-peripherals pdp11-software pdp11-software2 pdp11_04_34_45_55 pdp11_04_34a_44_60_70 pdp11_20_15_r20 pdp11_40 pdp11_45 pdp11_70 pdp11_dos11 pdp11_eckhouse pdp11_refcard pdp11_rsts_pg pdp11_rsx11_ts pdp11_rt11_ts

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