The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for its members to learn about the field of management consulting.  We work with companies, speakers and the Center for Career Education to gain access to recruiters, to organize presentations by leaders in the field and to learn about the possibilities in the field of consulting, as well as for application and interview "preparedness" tips.

Additionally, the Club offers its members opportunities for case interview practice by providing both practice materials and practice groups. It also offers the opportunity to network with other club members with similar interests, as well as with recruiters and alumni and similar clubs from other universities.

Please note that Consulting Club members receive priority access to all major events hosted by the Club. 

Follow these instructions to join CGCC. In order to help support CGCC activities, we ask that members pay a membership fee when they join.

There is a $30 membership fee for current Columbia University advanced degree students and postdocs. There is a $40 membership fee for Columbia alumni and a $50 membership fee for outside members. All of these fees help support CGCC events, including our case competition, skills workshops, and networking socials.

If you are a current Columbia University advanced degree student or postdoc and are unable to pay the membership fee, you may apply for a fee waiver (please provide a paragraph of statement to

May 18th, 2018
CGCC Case Competition
Please visit

in May, exact time TBD
CGCC Social - Happy Hour
7-9pm Amity Hall

For more information or questions please contact the Columbia Graduate Consulting Club.

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