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Leadership Team:

Terry Zhang (LinkedIn), President
Khyati Jain (LinkedIn), co-Director of Operations
Shawn Tan(LinkedIn), co-Director of Outreach
Rubin Song(LinkedIn), co-Directors of Communications
Angie Huang(LinkedIn), co-Directors of Communications
Nuoya Li(LinkedIn), co-Director of Operations
Olivia Liu(LinkedIn), Treasurer
Daniel Barulli (LinkedIn), Director of Pro Bono Consulting
Mayank Jhalaria (LinkedIn), Vice Director of Pro Bono Consulting

Current Members: 

Our members consist of a highly motivated pool of individuals who possess:

  1. Strong analytical skills
  2. A unique, creative perspective to problem solving
  3. Leadership and entreprenurial experience
  4. A variety of technical expertise

We provide a united body of individuals for companies to recruit from. Our members are highly educated individuals (Masters, Ph.D.) and innovators in their fields who possess deep knowledge in many industries ?automotive, high tech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government, finance , etc.

Our members receive the following benefits:

    1. Members have access to our case archive.
        Instructions for how to gain access are emailed to all new members when they join. If you need these                     to be re-sent, please email us.

    2. Members are subscribed to our mailing list.
        Manage your mail settings using these instructions.

    3. Members can also sign up on the CGCC googledoc to connect with others who can practice when you are             available! The URL for the googledoc can be found on all CGCC newsletters on our mailing list.

How to Join:

We look forward to welcoming you in our club!

CGCC members receive priority access to all major events hosted by the club, subscription to the CGCC mailing list, and access to the CGCC case archive.

To become a member, you must register and pay a membership fee. All fees go towards funding CGCC activities, including the CGCC case competition, consulting skills workshops, networking socials, and other events. These fees allow CGCC to offer reduced rates or free admission to all events.

CGCC has three types of members. You may find the registration links for each membership type below. 

1) Current Columbia University advanced degree students and postdocs
There is a $30 membership fee. You must provide a Columbia University email address to eligible. If you are unable to pay this fee, you may apply for a fee waiver. Only current Columbia University advanced degree students and postdocs (including MA, PhD, MD, JD and other advanced degree students) are eligible for fee waivers. Click here to register.

2) Columbia University alumni members
There is a $40 membership fee. You must provide a Columbia University email address to eligible. Click here to register.

3) Non-Columbia University members
There is a $50 membership fee. CGCC welcomes the involvement of students from other universities as well as professionals who wish to switch fields. Click here to register.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with membership registration, please email

Former Members/CGCC Alumni: 

Did you find a job in consulting? Please fill out this form for CGCC Alumni registration. This information helps us track the club's performance and also gives you the opportunity to give back to the club. We promise this information will be kept confidential and you will not receive unsolicited mail from us. CGCC alumni information will never be made public or given out.

For more information or questions please contact the Columbia Graduate Consulting Club.

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