2006 LeagueXI Awards

Batting: Kaushtub Dixit (KD)

Average (min. 10 innings)

KD,412 runs. 

Highest Score!
KD114*: 4th June vs Cultural at VCP3

Well Done KD!

Bowling: Prabhu Venkatesh

Average (min. 10 wickets)
Prabhu V,5.38 runs/wicket, 
(best strike rate as well: 8.76 deliveries/wicket)

Prabhu V,32 wickets.
Dileep V,30 wickets.

Best Bowling
Dileep V7-1-20-7 v Middletown Bullets. VCP3, Aug 6th.
Prabhu V6-0-31- 6 v India XI. Aug 13th (Incl Hat Trick).
Madhura G7-0-20-6 v Melbourne. VCP5, May 14th.

Well Done Prabhu & Dileep!

Notable Fielding Performances

Michael Pwith 10 catches and 6 stumpings.
(Gokul C 8 catches and 6 stumpings)