2006 Presidents XI Awards

Batting: Ratesh Chopra

Average (min. 10 innings)
Ratesh C,20.83

Ratesh C,250 runs. 

Highest ! Score
Gokul C113: 5th Aug vs Gypsies at VCP3

Well Done Ratesh!

Bowling: Ajay Chopra

Average (min. 10 wickets)
Venu Y,10.90 runs/wicket, 
(best strike rate Ashok:11.37, Prabhu:11.50 deliveries/wicket)

Ajay C,28 wickets.

Best Bowling
Prabhu V7-0-26-6: July 1st Vs St.Columbas at RI.

Well Done Ajay!

Notable Fielding Performances

Venu Ywith 7 catches and 2 stumpings.
(Ratesh Chopra 7 catches and Ajay Chopra 6 catches)
A Clean sweep by the Chopra Bothers on the saturday side - Great stuff guys.