ARTICLE I - Name: The Columbia University Cricket Club (hereafter referred to as CUCC).

ARTICLE II - Purpose: The CUCC exists in order to promote and play the sport of cricket within Columbia University, and represent the University in inter-college, Ivy League and local League play throughout the greater New York region.

ARTICLE III - Membership:
a. Membership is open to all full or part time students (undergraduate and postgraduate), alumni, staff and faculty of Columbia University and others who have an integral relationship with the University. CUCC does not discriminate based on sex, race or religion and abides by the Columbia University non-discrimination guidelines (

b. To be recognized as a full member an individual must sign a waiver/consent form (available from the club secretary) and pay annual or semi-annual dues (set at the Annual General Meeting) to the Treasurer.

c. Full membership grants the member the right to play and practice as part of the CUCC (weather restrictions not withstanding), utilize club common equipment, attend club fixtures and functions and vote at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meetings.

ARTICLE IV - Meetings:
a. An Annual General Meeting will be held prior to the commencement of each season to enable the management of club business and to provide an opportunity to express views. Extraordinary General Meetings will be held on an "as required" basis throughout the year.

b. Members will be informed of meetings via email, telephone or regular post, with sufficient fliers and advertisements also being placed throughout the University area in order to attract new members or others. The CUCC website ( will also be updated to reflect upcoming events

ARTICLE V - Executive Board:
a. Officers:
President:  Overall coordination and supervision of the CUCC and its activities.
Vice President:  Support of the president in supervision duties and other tasks as specified by the president.
Captain (League XI):  Team leader and coordinator. Selects a team for play from available members and oversees conduct and procedure during League XI fixtures.
Captain (Presidents XI):  Team leader and coordinator. Selects a team for play from available members and oversees conduct and procedure during Presidents XI fixtures.
Secretary:  Provides minutes of meetings and coordinates the required administration of club business. Holds master copies of necessary forms and records.
Treasurer:  Coordinates and collects dues and fees, submits budgets to Columbia University and CUCC Meetings. Oversees the allocation of funds and equipment purchase and other ongoing expenses. Keeps a record of all monetary transactions.
Coach:  Provides coaching and general conduct assistance based on previous experience. Oversees the development of players and the appropriate and safe conduct of training and play.

All positions are non-remunerative.

b. Vacancies will be filled through open nominations/election at Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings from full members.

ARTICLE VI - Elections:
a. Executive board members (as above) will be elected through open vote of the membership and will serve a one year term from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting. Persons will not maintain the same position for more than a period of three years in succession.

b. Nominations can take place via email, phone or post prior to a General Meeting and during the period prior to voting at such a meeting.

c. Nominees will be given the opportunity to state their qualifications and policies during a General Meeting prior to voting taking place.

d. In the case of a run-off for a position being required the nominees can restate their case for a position prior to a secondary vote taking place. If there is still no resolution then the Executive Board (less any members involved in the runoff) will seek guidance from the Club Sports Governing Board (CSGB).

ARTICLE VII - Funds: Funds will be generated through the collection of club membership dues as well as allocations from CSGB budgets. Additional funds will be generated on an "as required" basis through fund raising events organized under the supervision of the CSGB. The Treasurer will hold revenue in account and an accurate record will be kept and presented at General Meetings. Receipts are also to be issued for dues. Expenditures will be recorded by the Treasurer and a copy of receipts/invoices maintained. A balance sheet of revenues and expenditures will be developed for presentation at General Meetings.

ARTICLE VII - Affiliations:
a. The CUCC is affiliated to the Commonwealth Cricket League and plays regular season matches as part of this organization.

b. League matches are played under the rules laid down by the Commonwealth Cricket League. All players are also required to adhere to the rules as laid down by the International Cricket Council (

ARTICLE IX - Coach/Manager: A coach/manager will be utilized to set and maintain as high a standard of cricket as possible within the club while at the same time developing new players. This will be an ongoing task throughout both practice sessions and matches. The coach/manager will be required to have upwards of five years playing experience at various levels and be judged by the Executive Board to have a beneficial role to play for cricket as part of CUCC. The position is non-remunerative.

ARTICLE X - Ratification: The CUCC constitution was ratified by popular vote on 5th February, 1999.

ARTICLE XI - Amendments: Proposed amendments are to be promulgated to all members prior to General Meetings and discussed as part of theses Meetings prior to an open vote being conducted as to their adoption. An outline of all facets of the amendments and counter points are to be presented to enable due consideration. The result of the open vote will be final and a tied vote being taken as a sign of non-amendment.

ARTICLE XII - Bylaws: Any Bylaws required for the conduct of CUCC business will be discussed and assessed by the Executive Board and presented as part of General Meeting as needed.