Civil Rights Law Society
Past Events

  • Annual Civil Rights Law Society Faculty Dinner. An opportunity to meet with some of Columbia Law School's most dynamic, committed faculty members.
  • Community Discussion regarding September 11th and its impact on civil rights
  • Books Not Bars with Professor Catherine Powell. A critique of the prison industrial complex and the general trend towards incarcerating youth rather than educating them.
  • Black Perspectives on the War Against Terrorism with Professor Kimberle Crenshaw. This event was co-sponsored with New Yorkers Say No To War, an organization that was formed in protest of the War Against Terrorism.
  • Genetic Privacy. A lecture with civil rights attorney Peter Neufeld from Cochran Neufeld & Scheck on The Problem with DNA Databases
  • Minority Land Ownership. A brown bag lunch with Professor Thomas Mitchell from the University of Wisconsin Law School who spoke about his work concerning black and Native American land loss issues, particularly on how they are linked to inherent biases in property law ownership forms.
  • "Access to Higher Education: Thinking Beyond Affirmative Action". A panel discussion with Ted Shaw from the NAACP LDF, Tom Saenz from MALDEF, Prof. Neil Gotanda from Western State University College of Law, Fran Bouchoux from Rutgers School of Law and Prof. Gregory Anderson from Columbia's Teacher's College.