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Meet the 2011-12 Board!

Executive Board

Sarah Kwok

CC '13, Neuroscience and Behavior
Glastonbury, CT

Night Market 2010 (Past)
Benefit Dinner 2010 (Past)

Hedan Zeng

CC/SEAS Vice President
CC '13, Economics/Psychology
Grand Forks, ND

Night Market 2010 (Past)
Dumpling Fest 2010 (Past)

Danica Yang

Barnard Vice President
BC '13, Neuroscience and Behavior
Lexington, MA

Benefit Dinner 2010 (Past)

Jason Chen

CC '13, Economics
Tenafly, NJ

Mina Cong

SEAS '14, Electrical Engineering
Cupertino, CA

Executive Committee Members (ECMs)

Stephanie Eng

BC '14, Spanish and Latin American Cultures
New York, NY

Barnard Vice President
Night Market 2011

Jackie Ho

CC '14, Economics-Math, Computer Science
San Jose, CA

Lunar Gala 2012

Valerie Hwa

BC '14, Economics, Psychology Minor
San Francisco Bay Area

Benefit Dinner 2011

Sean Lim

CC '14, Neuroscience
Chappaqua, NY

Night Market 2011
Benefit Dinner 2011

Jesse Lou

SEAS '14, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Plano, TX

Night Market 2011

David Ma

CC '14, Economics
Boston, MA

Lunar Gala 2012

Nam Phatraprasit

CC '14, Sustainable Development, Business Concentration
Bangkok, Thailand

Benefit Dinner 2011

Linda Sun

SEAS '14, Electrical Engineering
Darien, IL

Lunar Gala 2012

Organizational Committee Members (OCMs)

Therese Chen

BC '15, Environmental Science
Portland, OR

Ewing Fang

CC '14, Economics
Guangzhou, China

Charlotte Li

SEAS '15, Operations Research, Economics
Poughkeepsie, NY

Jessica Li

CC '14, Biology
Westchester, NY

Lisa Li

SEAS '15, Computer Science
New York, NY

Anna Teng

SEAS '15, Applied Math
Wellesley, MA

Brian Wu

SEAS '15, Computer Science
Pleasanton, CA

Alex Xu

CC '15, Neuroscience and Behavior Major, Education Concentration
Bellevue, WA

Duo Xu

CC '15, Political Science
Birmingham, sweet home Alabama

Ethan Yee

CC '15, Economics/Psychology

Justin Zhao

SEAS '15, Computer Science
Plano, TX

Clarice Zhou

SEAS '15, Biomedical Engineering
Portland, OR

Satellite Groups

CSC Connect

CSC's big sib-little sib program! CSC Connect is a family-style mentorship program where Little Sibs and Big Sibs are matched into a family unit for mutual growth and networking opportunities. Big Sibs are upperclassmen (sophomores and above) and Little Sibs are usually freshmen (although any new incoming student is eligible to be a Little Sib). Sign at the beginning of each school year either as a big sib or little sib and be placed into a warm, loving family.

Coordinators: Jennifer Xiong and Genevieve Chow

Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts)

Wushu is contemporary Chinese martial arts with roots in the many traditional Chinese martial art styles. It is primarily a performing art that emphasizes speed, power, flexibility, balance, and looking unbelievably good. The history of wushu traces back to the early days of the People’s Republic of China when the leaders decided to try to unify the hundreds of styles of kung fu that existed back then. They eventually decided to split the styles into a Northern style known as longfist and a Southern style simply called southern fist. In addition, there are four major weapons categories: dao, jian, gun, qiang, and numerous other minor styles adapted from traditional styles.

President: Daron Lin

Chinese Yo-Yo

The Chinese Yo-Yo Club's mission is to share the art of Chinese yo-yo and diabolo through performances, demonstrations, and workshops. Members have performed for various events on and around campus including the CSC Night Market, CSC Lunar Gala, Days on Campus, and NYU TASS Night Market. They have also held workshops for children at CASPY and Asian Youth Program.

Coordinators: Sam Guo and Emily Lin

Radiance (Chinese Dance Troupe)

Founded in 2006,Radiance Chinese Dance Company was created to promote the development and appreciation of classical, folk and contemporary Chinese dance. Members of Radiance choreograph, rehearse, and perform year-round and are dedicated to sharing the richness of Chinese culture through dance.

Directors: Doris Xia and Rebecca Xu

Chinese Conversation Club

The Chinese conversation club is a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve their fluency in Chinese. Foreigners, ABC's, and native speakers are all welcome! Meet friends and new people as we chat over free food during our bi-weekly meetings.

Coordinator: Connie Chen and George Zhao
Email: and


Rice Bowl Tournament 2011

Think you got game?
Think you got what it takes to be a champion?

Join the Chinese Students Club for our annual Rice Bowl, a sports competition filled with fun and free food!

We’ll be having a basketball and dodgeball tournament this year, in addition to several Minute-to-Win-it games! All winners will be awarded prizes. Teams of 5-7 people for basketball and teams of 5 for dodgeball.

Minute-to-win-it games:
1. Mummy-in-a-minute – A thrilling game involving toilet paper.
2. Where-the-bears-be-at?! – Do you like whip cream? Then you’ll like this game!
3. Catch them if you can! - Teams of 1 guy/1 girl compete in an intense game of teamwork.

***FREE FOOD & DRINKS for all attendees (including spectators)!***

So come out for a day of fun and compete for gift cards, CSC paraphernalia, and coveted Rice Bowl trophy! :)

Rice Bowl 2011 Flyer [.jpg]

Thank You Party 2011 - Out at Sea with CSC

Pop your collar, take out your shades, kick back and relax at our annual Thank You Party! We have enjoyed such a successful year with you and deeply appreciate all your support and participation at our events. There is no better way to show our gratitude than a (mock) boat party, so get ready to come “Out at Sea with CSC”! Be excited for a celebration, complete with free refreshments and gifts!

To add to the nautical vibe, we encourage you to dress to impress. Sundresses, polos, and khakis will rule the day, with extra points for boat shoes!

Thank You Party 2011 Flyer [.jpg]
Thank You Party 2011 Board Video [youtube]

Night Market 2011 - Lights

The Chinese Students Club presents Night Market 2011: CU LIGHTS! Night Market is one of the biggest event of the fall semester! Simulating the traditional night markets of China, the event unites the Columbia community for a night of food, performances, and fun. 40+ organizations from all across Columbia representing all different interests congregate on Low Plaza while a dozen student performing groups and outside performers entertain 2000+ attendees.

This year, we're also hosting two food trucks on College Walk: Korilla BBQ and Big D's Grub Truck. We'll also be raffling off one international round-trip ticket to Asia from American Airlines, one $100 airline voucher from STA Travel, and free services and haircuts from Scott J. Salon & Spa and Eden Salon.

In addition, we have a dazzling lineup of student talent. Past performers have included Raw Elementz, CU Bhangra, CU Raas, CU Bellydance, Taal, Onyx, Chinese Yo-yo, and more.

Night Market 2011 Program [.pdf]
Night Market 2011 Poster [.pdf]

Benefit Dinner 2011 - The Roaring 20's

The Chinese Students Club, Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association, and Hong Kong Students and Scholars Society present Benefit Dinner: The Roaring 20’s. Join us for a classy night of mingling, music, and a delicious 3-course meal to celebrate the end of the semester. At the Roaring 20's, enjoy a performance from CU Swing Dance and live music from String Theory, all while digging into a delectable dinner consisting of Chinese fusion food.

After enjoying yourself at the semi-formal dinner: The Roaring 20's, come downtown and party with CSC, TASA, and KSA one last time before finals week!

Feeling adventurous? Take your chance at romance with our exclusive free blind date service!

So find a date and save the date! Cocktail attire suggested.
Look your best as we will have a photographer on site and a backdrop for photos!

This year, CSC will be donating a portion of our profits to the charity Wokai, which is a non-profit organization that allows people to contribute directly to microfinance institutions in China, which in turn lend the money to entrepreneurs in rural China.

Benefit Dinner 2011 Poster [.pdf]

Lunar Gala 2012 - Uproar

“A trigger. A spark.
A sudden impetus to set us all in motion.

Change is inevitable. A rebellion is stirring.
This is THE UPROAR.”

Come see LUNAR GALA like you’ve never seen it before.

At Chinese Students Club's 33rd Annual Lunar Gala, WITNESS..


.....and last but not least....
EXPERIENCE Youtube Vocal Sensation...


A percentage of proceeds goes to Wokai, which supports microfinancing in China.

Lunar Gala 2012 Program [.pdf]
Lunar Gala 2012 Poster [.jpg]
Lunar Gala 2012: Duo's Night Out [1/3] [2/3] [3/3]


Feel free to email us directly at csc[@]

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