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Meet the 2012-13 Board!

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Executive Board

David Ma

CC '14, Economics
Boston, MA
Activities/Interests: Resident Advisor, Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, Milano salads, flyering, bow ties, and smiling

Lunar Gala 2012 (Past)

Jackie Ho

CC/SEAS Vice President
CC '14, Economics-Math, Computer Science
San Jose, CA
Activities/Interests: ECAASU 2013 (PR/Marketing Co-Chair), Wushu (Vice President), Design, Web development, Tech Startups, UI/UX, Photography, Singing, Basketball, Doodling in class, Spicy food

Lunar Gala 2012 (Past)

Valerie Hwa

Barnard Vice President
BC '14, Economics, Psychology Minor
San Francisco Bay Area
Activities/Interests: Barnard Honor Board, Community Impact GED Teacher, Smart Woman Securities (Investment Team Leader), CU Generation Dance Group, Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arranging), Traveling and learning about different cultures, Food Network

Benefit Dinner 2011 (Past)

Ethan Yee

CC '15, Economics/Psychology
Activities/Interests: Columbia Bartending Agency, Columbia Daily Spectator (Sales Deputy), Singaporean Students' Association (Vice President), Photography, Beach Volleyball, Rollerblading, Linkin Park (yes haters gon hate)

Jessica Li

CC '14, Biology
Westchester, NY
Activities/Interests: ECAASU Logistics/Admin, Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, Volunteer at St Luke's Roosevelt, YouTube videos, kitties, NYC food, R&B

Executive Committee Members (ECMs)

Raymond Cai

SEAS '15, Biology
Livingston, NJ
Activities/Interests: Columbia Fencing Team, fencing, playing games, sleeping, running, shifty hands, prolonged "borrowing"

Benefit Dinner 2012

Therese Chen

BC '15, Environmental Science
Portland, OR
Activities/Interests: oboe, taekwondo, sewing, shoe-collecting, spicy foods

Benefit Dinner 2012

Charlotte Li

SEAS '15, Operations Research, Economics
Poughkeepsie, NY
Activities/Interests: Columbia Women's Business Society (Co-Marketing Chair), piano improv, baking cupcakes, Broadway/theater, running by river-side, Michael Phelps, knitting, raising fish, electric guitar, old movies

Night Market 2012

Lisa Li

SEAS '15, Computer Science
New York, NY
Activities/Interests: Kappa Phi Lambda, rap songs, German, watching TV, running, going to Broadway shows, baking random obscure goods

Night Market 2012

Anna Teng

SEAS '15, Applied Math
Wellesley, MA
Activities/Interests: Music and computer science

Lunar Gala 2013

Alex Xu

CC '15, Neuroscience and Behavior Major, Education Concentration
Bellevue, WA
Activities and Interests: Peer Health Exchange, Neuroscience Research, Camp Kesem, St. Luke's Patient Rounding, Teaching ESL in Chinatown, Foreign Languages, Rowing/Crew, Food!

Lunar Gala 2013

Duo Xu

CC '15, Political Science
Birmingham, sweet home Alabama
Activities/Interests: music, soccer, basketball, reading, research

Night Market 2012

Justin Zhao

SEAS '15, Computer Science
Plano, TX
Activities/Interests: Eating, sleeping, cello, String Theory, programming, trolling

Benefit Dinner 2012

Clarice Zhou

SEAS '15, Biomedical Engineering
Portland, OR
Activities/Interests: Columbia University Emergency Medical Service (Driver I), research at Columbia University Medical Center, figure skating, romantic comedy movies, blogging, walking aimlessly

Lunar Gala 2013

Organizational Committee Members (OCMs)

Kailene Chen

BC '16, Film
Guttenberg, New Jersey/Beijing, China/'s complicated
Activities/Interests: Screenwriting, Community Service, Mario Kart, DDR (I'm not even ashamed), and reading cheesy YA novels

Rosie Deng

BC '16, Chemistry/Pre-health
White Plains, NY
Activities/Interests: Research at CU Medical Center, folk music, tennis, long walks on the beach, staring at rocks

Meaghan Hurr

SEAS '16, Applied Math/Operations Research
Laguna Niguel, CA
Activities/Interests: Society of Women Engineers, Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, food, Modern Family, Disney movies, trying to learn dances from music videos

Denny Jin

CC '16, Economics
Marietta, GA
Activities/Interests: Lambda Phi Epsilon, Krumping, Freestyle Rapping

Jason Kang

SEAS '16, Biomedical Engineering
North Andover, MA
Activities/Interests: Journal of Global Health, research, playing guitar, noodle soup, half-singing and half-mumbling lyrics to songs I sort of know

James Kim

CC '16, Undecided
Federal Way, WA
Activities/Interests: KSA freshmen rep, Pick-up lines master, Tennis, Dancing

Amy Li

CC '16, Not Math
Activities/Interests: Fat animals on the internet, pumping iron, eating dumplings, swimming

Chris Haotian Li

CC '16, Economics
Carmel, IN
Activities/Interests: Workaholics, inspirational rap, and engaging in collegiate activities

Minghuang Liu

SEAS '15, Chemical Engineering / Computer Science
Lexington, KY
Activities/Interests: Cow tipping, Baking, Cooking, Brunking (LOL working out)

Yixin Sunny Sun

CC '16, Undecided
Lincoln, Rhode Island
Activities/Interests: Youth For Debate, sewing, watching movies, eating

Kevin Tyan

CC '16, Undecided
Bethesda, MD
Activities/Interests: APAHM, frisbee, eating, napping, bad dancing, aggressive bro cuddling

Michelle Wiryadi

SEAS '16, Chemical Engineering
Jakarta, Indonesia
Activities/Interests: Watching trashy TV shows, listening to music, rapping, eating

Satellite Groups

CSC Connect

CSC's big sib-little sib program! CSC Connect is a family-style mentorship program where Little Sibs and Big Sibs are matched into a family unit for mutual growth and networking opportunities. Big Sibs are upperclassmen (sophomores and above) and Little Sibs are usually freshmen (although any new incoming student is eligible to be a Little Sib). Sign at the beginning of each school year either as a big sib or little sib and be placed into a warm, loving family.

Coordinators: Jennifer Xiong and Genevieve Chow

Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts)

Wushu is contemporary Chinese martial arts with roots in the many traditional Chinese martial art styles. It is primarily a performing art that emphasizes speed, power, flexibility, balance, and looking unbelievably good. The history of wushu traces back to the early days of the People’s Republic of China when the leaders decided to try to unify the hundreds of styles of kung fu that existed back then. They eventually decided to split the styles into a Northern style known as longfist and a Southern style simply called southern fist. In addition, there are four major weapons categories: dao, jian, gun, qiang, and numerous other minor styles adapted from traditional styles.

President: Daron Lin

Chinese Yo-Yo

The Chinese Yo-Yo Club's mission is to share the art of Chinese yo-yo and diabolo through performances, demonstrations, and workshops. Members have performed for various events on and around campus including the CSC Night Market, CSC Lunar Gala, Days on Campus, and NYU TASS Night Market. They have also held workshops for children at CASPY and Asian Youth Program.

Coordinators: Sam Guo and Emily Lin

Radiance (Chinese Dance Troupe)

Founded in 2006,Radiance Chinese Dance Company was created to promote the development and appreciation of classical, folk and contemporary Chinese dance. Members of Radiance choreograph, rehearse, and perform year-round and are dedicated to sharing the richness of Chinese culture through dance.

Directors: Doris Xia and Rebecca Xu

Chinese Conversation Club

The Chinese conversation club is a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve their fluency in Chinese. Foreigners, ABC's, and native speakers are all welcome! Meet friends and new people as we chat over free food during our bi-weekly meetings.

Coordinator: Connie Chen and George Zhao
Email: and


Rice Bowl Tournament 2012

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?
Do you think you are a winner?

Then come to CSC’s 2012 Rice Bowl!

The Chinese Students Club invites you to play in our annual Rice Bowl event held on Saturday, April 21st at Riverside Park. It is a sports competition filled with fun and free food! This year’s sports are 5-on-5 full court basketball (with 2 substitutions) and 5-vs-5 dodgeball. Sign up representing your club or sign up with a group of friends! Spectators are also welcome!

In addition to the basketball and dodgeball tournament, there be total new event at the end of Rice Bowl, A WATER BALLOON FIGHT! Be sure to bring your own water guns as well to add to the fun.

So come out for a fun day at Riverside Park and be prepared to have fun, get soaked, and compete for gift cards, CSC paraphernalia, bragging rights, and the coveted Rice Bowl trophy!

Rice Bowl 2012 Flyer [.pdf]

Thank You Party 2012 - Clue

Who killed Mr. David Ma? Was it Ms. Scarlett in Ballroom with the Candlestick? Or Professor Plum in the Study with the Lead Pipe? Or maybe it was you!

Chinese Students Club invites you to attend our annual Thank You Party! Held in Lerner Broadway Room this year, our Thank You Party is for all of you guys for coming out and supporting us throughout the year. We've had such great and successful events, and we couldn't have done it without you!

So mingle with us as we share in the memories, enjoy some delicious food, and gossip over drinks on who killed Mr. Ma!

To continue with our Clue mystery theme, semiformal dress is preferred! Hope to see you there!

Thank You Party 2012 Flyer [.pdf]
Thank You Party 2012 Board Video [youtube]

Night Market 2012 - Spectrum

Night Market is CSC's annual fall festival that promotes cultural unity on the Columbia campus. Our first major event of the year, Night Market covers the center of campus with tents, lights, and diverse attendees for a night of food, games, and performances. Night Market takes place on Columbia’s honored Low Steps where numerous clubs host booths and contribute to this thrilling night.

The theme for Night Market 2012 is SPECTRUM which focuses on the wide cultural diversity unique to Columbia’s student body like the varied nature of a color spectrum. We wish to celebrate the progress that each individual at Columbia has made since its inception while promoting a sense of community and solidarity by sharing cultural experiences through food and performance.

Under the tents, the booths are in the style of street markets modeled after Chinese street markets or bazaar dedicated to leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating. Night markets are also well-known in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Chinatowns worldwide. Such festivals emulate a jovial atmosphere and celebrate the unique culture of China.

We invite a diverse range of performing groups to promote this year’s theme: SPECTRUM. Each and every student has talents to offer to Columbia University, so why not begin by showcasing them in the most anticipated culture show of the fall semester?

Night Market 2012 Promo Video [youtube]
Night Market 2012 Brochure [.pdf]
Night Market 2012 Poster [.jpg]

Benefit Dinner 2012 - Winter Oasis

The Chinese Students Club's annual Benefit Dinner event is a formal dinner which proceeds go towards the Half The Sky's Charitable Foundation. During Benefit Dinner you will enjoy a wonderful three course meal while watching performances from CU Belly dance, the a capella club Sharp, and newly formed ensemble called Momentum. Benefit Dinner will take place in the 4th floor of Barnard Hall in the renowned James Room.

The theme for Benefit Dinner 2012 is “Winter Oasis” which is a unique theme catered to the idea of finding warmth in the cold. Here in the brutally wintery Columbia weather, Benefit Dinner brings together friends of many cultures together for a great night of food and performances, a warm oasis of happiness. Winter Oasis, however, also represents our philanthropic efforts to reach out to those who may be less fortunate than us and support them such that they can find their warmth in their cold winters, too. A portion of all proceeds will go to Half the Sky’s Charitable Foundation.

Benefit Dinner 2012 Poster [.jpg]

Lunar Gala 2013 - Essence

Lunar Gala is divided into three parts — culture, fashion, and art. The culture show combines both traditional and modern elements of the East and West. The wide range of student performances includes Lion Dance, Chinese Yo-Yo, Chinese Martial Arts, and more. Directed and produced entirely by students, it features the newest collections from prominent local and international designers. Previous designers and makeup artists include Gucci, Diane von Fürstenberg, Diesel, Lancôme, and Triple 5 Soul.

The 2013 new year marks the beginning of the year of the Snake. Inspired by the symbolic rebirth that snakes undergo through the periodic shedding of their skin, the theme for the 34th annual Lunar Gala is Essence. The new year is the gift of a blank slate, uniting people everywhere with the belief that we can begin again unblemished. The show will endeavor to remind the community of what is worth troubling ourselves with and we hope the show will leave audience and performers alike feeling pure and reborn.

Proceeds from this year’s show will go to China Care, a non-profit organization focused on providing medical, social, and educational programs to Chinese orphans who suffer from debilitating medical conditions. In addition, China Care provides the children with a nurturing home once they recover to ensure them a bright future post-adoption.

Lunar Gala 2013 Poster []
Lunar Gala 2013 Program [.pdf]
Lunar Gala 2013: Love Story [1/3] [2/3] [3/3]


Feel free to email us directly at csc[@]

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