Chinese Conversation Club

Zhongwen Jiaotan Julebu

The Chinese Conversation Club was started by a few students of Chinese who wanted to maintain their Chinese after returning from a study abroad experience in Beijing.

Now it is an opportunity for anyone interested in practicing or learning Chinese to meet with other people with the same goal in mind. Anyone who knows some Chinese, no matter your level, should check out our bi-weekly gatherings where we chat over free food for an hour or more. Come whenever you like and stay as long as you want. Native speakers are encouraged to come as well, as it's a great opportunity to talk with people who are interested in China and Chinese culture (we already have a few native or fluent speakers attending, so you won't be the only one). The de facto dialect is Mandarin, though all dialects are welcome.

Upcoming Events:
Our first meeting of this semester is tentatively planned for Wednesday, September 16th at 6:00pm one of the Lerner Ramp Lounges (enter from campus-side, start walking up the first ramp, and look to your left). We'd love to hear your suggestions for meeting times/places! We do our best to pick a time that is accessible to most of those interested in coming, not during other important campus events, and not burdensome to making other plans (not during the weekend). Suggestions may be emailed to the webmaster, Scott Dobbins.

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Calligraphy by Terry Hsieh; photo by Scott Dobbins.