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CSSN is the umbrella organization for all left and progressive groups on campus. We work to unite campus activists and organizers by providing a site for the free flow of ideas and strategies between and across activist clusters. More materially, we provide resources and support for activist efforts, on campus and off. CSSN also serves as the public face of Columbia activism in New York: we help students to get in touch with radical movements in the greater city, with which they might otherwise have difficulty getting in touch. Thanks to CSSN, we have built the left into a major force at Columbia.

Some of the information here, especially organizational contacts are out of date. Updates to this webpage are coming soon. It you are interested in the mailing list please check below.

If you are interested in finding out more about CSSN or getting involved please email Bryan Mercer




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On-campus events are posted to this webpage if they are emailed to the CSSN email list. Up to 48 hours lead time is required. Regular organizational meetings will not be listed here. Events are not endorsed or cosponsored by CSSN unless so noted.


disorientation guide

CSSN publishes a quasi-annual publication called the Disorientation Guide. Download the 2002 edition! (1.0MB PDF). Copies were distributed into undergraduate mailboxes (Lerner and McIntosh); you can also email cssn-steer with request for copies.

The DisGuide website contains extended and extra articles from this year's Guide, as well as information about previous editions.


member organizations Please note! This list is not to be used for mass-mailing all groups; it is intended only to allow you to contact specific groups you are interested in.
(re) Magazine Steve Theberge  
Action for Immigrant Rights Manmeet Bindra  
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Julia Kraut (212) 853-8860
Amnesty International Katerina Seligmann (212) 853-5952
Campaign to End the Death Penalty  
Columbia Anti-War Coalition (CAWC) Laura Durkay  
Columbia Men Against Violence Jeff Soules (212) 853-5856
Adam Trilling  
Columbia University Greens Lauren Schwartz (212) 853-4492
CU Greens  
Columbia/Barnard Earth Coalition (EarthCo) Simon Fischer Baum (212) 853-4971
Angela Barranco  
Democracy Matters Kate Dugan (212) 853-1159
Everyone Allied Against Homophobia (EAAH) Katerina Seligmann  
Feminists United on Campus Liz Budnitz  
International Deconstruction Workers United (IDWU) idwu139  
International Socialist Organization (ISO) Monique Dols  
Julie Keefe (212) 853-1146
Jews for Social Justice Frances Kreimer  
Just Peace Project Just Peace  
National Organization for Women (NOW)  
Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society (SEBS) Mahesh Somashekhar (212) 853-7257
Students for an Orwellian Society (SOS) Minitrue  
Students for Choice and Party for Choice (SFC)
Meetings: Wednesday, 9pm, 101 Barnard Hall
Sarah Nobles (212) 853-4709
Students for Economic and Environmental Justice (SEEJ) Jessica Eisen (212) 853-1024
Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)  
Students Promoting Empowerment and Knowledge (SPEaK)  
Take Back the Night Priscilla Caldwell (212) 853-1046


mailing list

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Warning: These lists are public. If there's something you don't want the world at large to know, do not post it to these lists. We have no idea who's on them (although the membership has, at times, included administrators, journalists, etc.), and even nonmembers can read the archives, above. This is not to dissuade you from using the lists, only to move any sensitive communications to more secure channels.


scholarship The Columbia Subversive Scholarship Archive is a repository for all politically- and socially-aware academic work that is progressive, antiauthoritarian, feminist, or egalitarian. It aims to be a resource for future students interested in the political history of the university, or for current Columbians who want to expand the political dialogue on campus. If you are interested, check it out, read the papers there, and submit some of your own. See the page for more details.



If your group is interested in becoming part of the network, or if you have any questions about CSSN, please email our steering committee.

CSSN used to publish a periodical journal, The Instigator, but the latest issue is from April 2000. You may wish to visit the Instigator archives.

You may have use for Columbia's website, a campus map, or the Columbia directory.

We've got an archive of old stuff that some people may find interesting. Perhaps you would also like to watch Columbia Revolt, a film about the 1968 CU takeover: Part I, Part II.

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