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Columbia Student Solidarity Network

Disorientation Guide

Welcome to CSSN's Disorientation Guide website!

Here, you can download the Guide in PDF format, check out extended and extra articles, and, when you are done, check out the CSSN website for more information about the causes and groups listed in the Guide.

Be sure to join us for our annual showing of Columbia Revolt!, the student-made documentary of the 1968 strike. The showing is at 7pm, Sunday, September 22nd, in the Dodge Room of Earl Hall.

2002 Edition

Download the 2002 Guide in PDF format (1.0 MB).

Extended and extra articles:

2000 Edition

Download the 2000 Guide in PDF format (7.5 MB).

Extended article:

Please note: the extended and extra articles here have not been edited as rigorously as those in the main Guide. Articles may not be quite as polished, but are still well worth reading.

If you do not already have the capability to view PDF files, you will need to download a PDF Reader such as GSview or Xpdf.

Do you have any questions or comments about the Guide or about this webpage? Please, email the CSSN steering committee with your thoughts.