Check back soon for more media tracking; for now, related Columbia Daily Spectator articles to April 2004 are archived at the newspaper's West Harlem Expansion feature section.

Expansion Info Update 2.8.07:
Community Benefits and Columbia Presumes Manhattanville Blighted to encourage Eminent Domain Use

If you have been following the Columbia Spectator then you may already know about these developments. But to keep everyone in the loop here are some major things going on:

The West Harlem Local Development Corporation (www.westharlemldc.org) and Columbia University (neighbors.columbia.edu) have begun negotiations of a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA for short).

These negotiations are happening behind close doors and its hard to find out info from either side, but the outcome of these negotiations will determine the extent that many community concerns such as affordable housing and jobs will be addressed if Columbia expands.

Here are two relevant Spectator articles on it:
LDC Meeting 'Introductory'

Letter to LDC Lists Benefits Ideas
CU Proposes Housing Loan Fund, Local Jobs, Scholarships

Also, a Freedom of Information Act was recently used by the Spectator to obtain a draft portion of Columbia's expansion proposal, in which they presume Manhattanville will be found blighted. This has sparked some concern because its the clearest statement on the use of eminent domain to take private property the University has put out there yet. The university has tried to retract this, but real clarification will have to wait for the Environmental Impact Statement to be certified by City planning, which could happen in the next few weeks.

Draft Plan Provides for Eminent Domain
Columbia Document Anticipates Blight Finding for Manhattanville Area; Study Incomplete

Better Standards for Manhattanville
By Rowan Moore Gerety of SCEG, a student response to Columbia's recent actions