Petition to City Council - Change Columbia's Plans

Whereas Columbia University's proposed rezoning of Manhattanville will fundamentally alter that area and surrounding communities;

Whereas there has been a fundamental lack of input into Columbia University’s rezoning plan by the community that lives, works, and uses the area in question;

Whereas the Universal Land Use Review Procedure is a public process intended to ensure the protection of public interests in new developments;

Whereas you as an elected representative of the people of New York City have the power to review rezoning proposals under ULURP against the interest of your constituents;

Whereas Columbia University, as a not-for-profit self-described ‘public institution,’ has an obligation to develop and expand in a manner that is harmonious with the interests of West Harlem and the rest of New York City;

Whereas Columbia University’s rezoning plan contradicts the framework for development enunciated in Community Board 9 Manhattan’s 197-a plan in areas including but not limited to the provision of affordable housing, living-wage jobs and environmental sustainability;

Whereas we as Columbia students have a vested interest in seeing our university expand and flourish in a manner which is sustainable and respectful of the needs of our neighbors, as enumerated through the 197-a plan created by their most local form of self-governance, Community Board 9 Manhattan;

Whereas we firmly believe in a win-win scenario in which Columbia’s institutional needs are met in a manner that preserves the desired character of the community;

Therefore, We the Undersigned, as concerned students of Columbia University, urge you in your capacity as City Councilperson to vote to decline Columbia University's 197-C rezoning proposal for the Manhattanville area in its current form, until it is revised in accordance with the framework for development set forth in Community Board 9 Manhattan's 197-A plan.

We the Undersigned,

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