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About the Greens

The Green Party is a loosely affiliated group of international political parties tied together by the ten key Green values, grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom, social justice and equal opportunity, nonviolence, decentralization, community based economics, feminism, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, and future focus and sustainability. The Green party has no other definitive credo, local Green chapters determine their own philosophies and agendas. The Greens have a strong focus on grassroots activism.  The US Greens focus much more on direct action than on politics.

The Greens became well known in the 2000 presidential elections for fielding candidates Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke. The Green Party ran a total of 238 candidates  for national, state and local offices in November 2000.  35 candidates won on the state and local levels. The 2000 elections saw the Green Party greatly expand as it became the largest third party in the nation.
Information about the international Greens: www.greens.org
Green Party USA: www.greenparty.org
Association of State Green Parties: www.green-party.org
The campus Greens: www.campusgreenparties.org

The Columbia University Greens were founded at the end of the Fall 2001 semester in the wake of the 2000 elections. Since then the Greens have had several forums and been involved in several issues. Right now the Greens are busy with a program called Dump and Run.   We need volunteers for the spring and fall semesters.

The Columbia University Greens shares many campaigns with other Green locals.

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