Here are an assortment of images from various pro-nader pages across the internet including Billionaires for Bush or Gore (which closed after the election), and Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World (which includes some very concise and funny political commentarie)


  has a large collection of songs about politics and corporate influence

Play Washington Monopoly!!

Nader is a scary fellow. That's why it would have been dangerous to let him debate, and a police escort was required to remove him from the presidential debates. Beware!


Here is a secret government file of his posse!
Ignore the students in suits- they're trying to infiltrate with their blending powers


Finally an explanation of where your presidential vote went


Here's some crass commercialism, courtesy of Tom Tomorrow, the political satirist. And remeber, businesses are looking out for you.


Beware of Communism- it's sneaky. Once again, credit goes to Tom Tomorrow.

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