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Dump and Run 

About Dump and Run

Dump and Run is an innovative program which collects students’ unwanted items at the end of the school year and resells them the next fall at a heavily discounted price. The proceeds from the sale are then donated to a charity.  Dump and Run has previously been run at the University of Richmond, the results were more than impressive. A 15 foot long truck was filled 8 times with the items collected and $1200 was raised! This year the CU Greens will be helping a local charity, the Harlem Restoration Project.  Everybody wins: the environment, the students, and the charity.



As a Dump & Run volunteer, you can choose the level of involvement that you have time for.  In the spring volunteers will be needed to empty collection sites, sort donated items, and collect items on College Walk.  Some volunteers will also be needed to stay after the semester is over to transfer items to the summer storage space (housing provided). Volunteers will also be needed in the fall to sell items to students.  Volunteers will be compensated with $5 worth of items collected for every hour worked.  Need a new couch, lamp, wardrobe or computer?


 10. It’s a great way to help out a local charity like the Harlem Restoration Project.

 9. You need a good excuse to hang out in the city for a few days before heading home or off to your summer internship

 8. As a volunteer, you will be compensated for each hour you help us out with $5 worth of goods from the sale

 7. It’s a great way to meet like-minded folks who care about environmental issues

 6. FREE T-SHIRT!  ‘Nuff said

 5. Now you will have a reason to hang out in John Jay to stalk that hot freshman you’ve got a crush on

4. Snood is getting old and you need new (and productive!) methods of procrastinating.

3. You slept through Columbia Community Outreach ("You want me to be there at WHAT TIME on Saturday?!?") and you’re looking for a way to ease that guilt and volunteer for something else before the semester ends.

2. You get to hang out with the oh-so-cool members of the Columbia Greens.

1. Hey, it’s a good cause!


Want to volunteer?
Email the CU Greens
or call Lauren: x3-1300