Nationwide Waste Statistics

Americans' total yearly waste would fill a convoy of garbage trucks long enough to wrap around the Earth six times and reach halfway to the moon.
Since 1950, people in the United States have used more resources than any generation who ever lived before them. Each American individual uses up 20 tons of basic raw materials annually
At the consumption level of the average American, at least four additional planets worth of resources would be needed to support the planetís six billion inhabitant.
In a study done in 1996, Americans, who make up only five percent of the world's population, used nearly a third of its resources and produced almost half of its hazardous waste.
By comparison, the average North American consumes ten times as much as the acaerage person living in China and thirty times as much as the average person living in India.

Nationwide Campus Waste Statistics

The average college student produces 640 pounds of solid waste each year, including 500 disposable cups and 320 pounds of paper. It is estimated that this year 222 million tons of waste will be generated by college students alone.
According to the most recent study available at Tufts University, there is a significant spike in the universityís solid waste every April and May, when students gear up to leave campus. In 1993, the university registered as much as 50 tons more waste than the average 180 tons throughout the year.
Campuses offering incentives for double-sided copying have cut paper use and costs almost in half!
Implementing a recycling collection as infrequent as once a week has diverted about 40% waste at the University of Colorado-Boulder.
Campuses offering reusable mugs and drink discounts have seen disposable waste decrease by as much as 30%.

Pilot Program's Reduction Statistics: 
Success at the University of Richmond

The University of Richmondís May 2000 Dump & Run project raised $1200 for the Sierra Club. The material collected filled the Universityís gymnasium.
The University of Richmond Facilities department saw a visible decrease in material entering the waste-stream between 1999 and 2000 as a direct result of the Dump & Run end-of semester cast-offs program. It is estimated that material entering the waste stream during the last two weeks of school was cut in half due to Dump & Run!
Post-sale donations to Goodwill Industries filled their fifteen-foot truck 8 times!


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