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Friday, January 26, 2007

Members in Attendance

Games Played

Members in Attendance

  • Bradley, Keith
  • Chao, Hubert
  • Chen, Jesse
  • Clarke, Chris
  • Colby, Courtney
  • DeRuiter, Eric
  • Edwards, Caleb
  • Fairgrieve, Ross
  • Fuchs, Jesse
  • Martell, Tom
  • O'Connell, James
  • Oldfather, Lizzie
  • Olson, Mike
  • Renaud, Rob
  • Roethke, Ted
  • Rosen, Thomas
  • Shah, Naureen
  • Sharpe, Zachary
  • Siwanowicz, Jan
  • Tumarkin, Dave
  • Washington, Robert
  • Williamson, Geoff
  • Williamson, Vicki
  • Wilson, Leanne

  • Games Played

    Age of SteamAge of Steam Exp. 3 - Scandanavia Bang! Bang!
    Winners: Jan Siwanowicz Tom Martell, Jesse Chen, James O'Connell Jesse Chen, Zachary Sharpe
    Bang! Bridge Coloretto Commands & Colors: Ancients
    Winners: James O'Connell, Zachary Sharpe Geoff Williamson, Vicki Williamson Robert Washington James O'Connell
    Commands & Colors: Ancients Drakon El Grande Hey!  That's My Fish!
    Winners: Robert Washington Robert Washington Mike Olson Eric DeRuiter
    Hey!  That's My Fish! Joan of Arc Mr. Jack Mr. Jack
    Winners: Chris Clarke Naureen Shah Leanne Wilson Thomas Rosen
    Tigris & Euphrates Through the Desert Ticket to Ride Europe Vox Populi
    Winners: Ross Fairgrieve, Rob Renard James O'Connell Hubert Chao Caleb Edwards