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Friday, February 23, 2007

Members in Attendance

Games Played

Members in Attendance

  • Bradley, Keith
  • Clarke, Chris
  • Colby, Courtney
  • Dixon, Leah
  • Mikulaschek, Christoph
  • O'Connell, James
  • Olson, Mike
  • P., Emily
  • Rosen, Thomas
  • Schwartz, Mainon
  • Sharpe, Zachary
  • Siwanowicz, Jan
  • Tai, Terry
  • Tumarkin, Dave
  • Washington, Robert

  • Games Played

    Blue Moon City Blue Moon City Blue Moon City
    Winners: Robert Washington1 James O'Connell2 Mike Olson
    Carcassonne Citadels Coloretto
    Winners: Zachary Sharpe Christoph Mikulaschek James O'Connell3
    Dune Dune For Sale
    Winners: Zachary Sharpe4 Keith Bradley, Thomas Rosen5 Dave Tumarkin
    For Sale Goa Hey!  That's My Fish!
    Winners: Mike Olson Dave Tumarkin Zachary Sharpe
    In the Shadow of the Emperor Liar's Dice Nexus Ops
    Winners: Jan Siwanowicz6 James O'Connell Thomas Rosen, Dave Tumarkin7
    Ra Ticket to Ride: Europe War of the Ring
    Winners: Courtney Colby8 Christoph Mikulaschek9 Thomas Rosen

    1 Now we know why Robert was so intent on reminding me to bring this game to the meeting.

    2 James gets the hat trick!

    3 Even though the other four of us had all played before, James snags the win in his first time playing this. Next time we'll be sure to keep an eye on him.

    4 Zach outlasts us all as the Guild, just barely overcoming Terry's last turn effort as the Bene Gesserit to seize control of three strongholds on his own.

    5 Keith and Tom win on the second turn as the Harkonnen and Guild respectively, capturing four strongholds with ease.

    6 Retaining control of the throne for the majority of the game allowed Jan to run away with this one, as the other three of us bickered amongst ourselves.

    7 Team Domination crushes the opposition with an enormous army of weakling units (a few nice dice rolls at key times)!

    8 Courtney pulls no punches when teaching Knizia's auction masterpiece to the unsuspecting newcomers.

    9 Tom can't play on the Europe map because all he ever wants to do is go to Essen.