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Friday, March 23, 2007

Members in Attendance

Games Played

Members in Attendance

  • Chen, Jesse
  • Colby, Courtney
  • DeRuiter, Eric
  • Dontanville, Morgan
  • Fuchs, Jesse
  • Grigoriev, Michael
  • Held, David
  • O'Connell, James
  • Olson, Mike
  • Rosen, Thomas
  • Sharpe, Zachary
  • Solko, Derk
  • Tai, Terry
  • Washington, Robert
  • Weter, Matt

  • Games Played

    Bang! Bug Poker Bug Poker
    Winners: Courtney Colby Jesse Fuchs Jesse Fuchs1
    Hey!  That's My Fish! Ingenious Ingenious
    Winners: Terry Tai Zachary Sharpe2 Robert Washington
    Ingenious Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation: Deluxe Edition Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation: Deluxe Edition
    Winners: Jesse Fuchs Mike Olson Jesse Chen3
    Nexus Ops No Thanks! Ra
    Winners: Michael Grigoriev, Terry Tai Robert Washington Zachary Sharpe4
    RoboRally Schwarzmarkt Succession: Intrigue in the Royal Court
    Winners: Thomas Rosen5 Thomas Rosen6 James O'Connell
    Through the Desert Villa Paletti Ys
    Winners: Thomas Rosen7 Morgan Dontanville8 Robert Washington9

    1 Jesse teaches his game design twice during the evening.

    2 Zach crushes the competition by getting to 18 in all 6 colors!

    3 Jesse wins an epic two-out-of-three battle.

    4 Zach runs away with it, scoring more than everyone else combined.

    5 Tom pulls off the stunning come-from-behind win, just barely edging out Morgan and Mike, while Derk trails the pack.

    6 No one was quite sure we were playing this right, but Tom had no qualms about exploiting the situation nonetheless.

    7 Mike falters late, allowing Tom to edge out Morgan by a single point.

    8 Tom disagrees with the laws of physics.

    9 Robert barely beats Courtney by having one more black gem than her.