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Friday, April 21, 2006

Members in Attendance

Games Played

Members in Attendance

  • Bomstein, Alex
  • Bradley, Keith
  • Chao, Hubert
  • Colby, Courtney
  • Edwards, Caleb
  • Grigoriev, Michael
  • Martell, Tom
  • Nguyen, Michael
  • Olson, Mike
  • P., Emily
  • Rosen, Thomas
  • Schutz, Christina
  • Sharpe, Zachary
  • Szterling, Fernando
  • Tai, Terry
  • Washington, Robert
  • Wu, Danny

  • Games Played

    Elfenland For Sale Lord of the Rings Confrontation Deluxe Louis XIV
    Winners: Thomas Rosen Danny Wu Mike Olson Tom Martell
    Ra Samurai Santiago Ticket to Ride Europe
    Winners: Thomas Rosen Danny Wu Tom Martell Courtney Colby
    Tsuro Tsuro Twilight Imperium Third Edition YINSH
    Winners: Michael Nguyen Robert Washington Zachary Sharpe Mike Olson