Outcomes measurement in the human services: Cross-cutting issues and methods is Published

Outcomes measurement in the human services edited by Edward J. Mullen and Jennifer L. Magnabosco will be published in June 1997 by NASW Press. The book includes original chapters as well as papers prepared for the National Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services Symposium sponsored by the Center for the Study of Social Work Practice, a joint program of the Columbia University School of Social Work and the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services.

Excerpts from the Foreword

... the present volume constitutes an especially timely and welcome addition to the literature of social work and the helping professions. The symposium that generated it represents the first large scale effort by social work to bring together a critical mass of scholars, educators and practitioners to address the all-important topic of outcomes measurement. The volume does not represent an insular effort which draws solely upon social workers. Rather, the conference participants and the contributors to this volume are experts from a wide array of helping professions who worked together for two days in a spirit of intensive and collegial intellectual exchange. Hence, this book is not merely a multidisciplinary product; it is truly interdisciplinary. The contents of this volume reflect vividly the interrelated concerns of researchers, educators and practitioners.  Alan B. Siskind, Ph.D., Executive Vice President
Jewish Board of Family & Children's Services
Ronald A. Feldman, Ph.D., Dean
Columbia University School of Social Work

Authors include (in order of contribution):

Harry P. Hatry, Peter H. Rossi, John E. Ware, Jr., Walter W. Hudson, William H. Berman, Stephen W. Hurt, David L. Shern, Tom Trabin, Ronald W. Manderscheid, Marilyn J. Henderson, G. Richard Smith, Jr., Kathryn M. Rost, Ellen P. Fischer, M. Audrey Burnam, Barbara J. Burns, Kevin Corcoran, Betsy P. Segal, Mona Wasow, Heather B. Weiss, Fred H. Wulczyn, Jacquelyn McCroskey, Rami Benbenishty, Ian D. Coulter, Barbara Berkman, Irwin Epstein, Felice Zilberfein, Stephen L. Snyder, James Zabora, Margaret Dimond, Penny Goldberg Roca, Marianne C. Fahs, Kathleen Wade, David Gitelson, Arthur Russo, Lisa Caraisco, Marjorie H. Royle, Rosemary T. Moynihan, Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin, Robert Abramovitz, Andre Ivanoff, Rami Mosseri, Anne O’Sullivan, Brenda McGowan, Steve Cohen, Rita Black, Grace Christ, Edward J. Mullen, and Jennifer L. Magnabosco.

NASW Press says Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services is the "... first ever handbook to cover outcomes measurement for the human services profession. With Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services, you’ll benefit from a wide range of expert thinking on outcomes measurement in mental and behavioral health, child and family services, and health. Find out about the conceptual and practical issues in developing clinical outcomes systems, measuring health care outcomes from the patient’s point of view, and much more. Essential reading for practitioners dealing with managed care requirements and an important text for preparing new practitioners."

Special features include implications for continuous quality improvement for social work services; case studies to provide a real life perspective; insights on merging good clinical practice with outcomes research."

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