Center Research Affiliates Probe Practice Issues

This issue of Practice & Research features current research conducted by Center affiliates. Four new studies are described. The Odyssey Project: A Descriptive and Prospective Study of Children and Youth in Residential Treatment, Group Homes and Therapeutic Foster Care was initiated in 1995. This national study is being conducted by the Child Welfare League of America, Inc. (CWLA) with the cooperation and support of its member agencies. This research seeks to describe children and youth in these settings, specifying services offered and outcomes achieved. Neil Guterman, Ph.D., CUSSW Assistant Professor is Principal Investigator; Bruce A. Grellong, Ph.D., JBFCS Chief Psychologist, is Research Coordinator; and Mark Cameron, M.S.W., is Research Assistant. A second new study, the Multicultural Training Program, examines incoming graduate students in five schools of social work assessing relationships between different multicultural training models and student acquisition of culturally competent practice skills. Karina L. Walters, Ph.D. and Darrell P. Wheeler, Ph.D., M.P.H., both CUSSW Assistant Professors, are Co-Principal Investigators. A third new study, Defining Grief in Childhood: Test-Retest Reliability of the W.T. Grant Consortium Grief Inventory, is developing measures of childhood and adolescent grief associated with death. The Co-Principal Investigators are Linda N. Freeman, M.D., Prudence Fisher, M.S., C.S.W., New York State Psychiatric Institute, and Robert H. Abramovitz, M.D., JBFCS Chief Psychiatrist. A fourth new study, Exploration of Substance Abuse Among People with AIDS, examines substance use among clients of JBFCS AIDS programs. The Principal Investigator is Andrew Hamid, Ph.D., CUSSW Assistant Professor and the Co-Investigator is Susan Bear, M.S.W., JBFCS, Director of AIDS Programs. 

Updates are provided in this issue of: From Research to Practice: Using the Computerized Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children in Clinical Services; Evaluation of a Protocol for Identification of Woman Abuse in Families with Allegations of Child Abuse or Neglect; and A Study of Suicidal Ideation and Behavior in Preadolescents.