Student Research Training Continues

To date, 10 CUSSW doctoral and master's degree students have received research training through placement in Center research studies. Students have participated in the development study proposals, designed research protocols, conducted literature searches and reviews, and collected and analyzed data. Center staff and students have investigated a wild range of topics including child bereavement, family violence, AIDS disclosure, child development interventions, patient profiles, cult membership and homelessness.

As a result of these training efforts, two students recently based their dissertations on extensions of Center projects. In 1990, "The Hidden Homeless: An Exploratory Study of The Formerly Doubled Up", and " A Study of the Visualization of Quantitative Data for Ecosystemic Research and Practice", were published by Drs. Ruth Fangmeier and Mark Mattaini, respectively. Other students have published articles in various journals with Center staff (see this issue's section on Center publications). Many thanks to the CUSSW and JBFCS staff who have dedicated their time and efforts to make these educational and professional opportunities possible.