Childhood Bereavement Study

Principal Investigator: Robert Schilling, PhD (CUSSW)
Co-Investigators: Robert Abramovitz, MD (JBFCS),  Nina Koh, MD (JBFCS) 
Principal Investigator, continuing data analysis: Dr. Priyadarshi Datta
This study is testing an innovative group service for New York City African-American and Hispanic children affected by the untimely death of a parent figure.  In the first phase of the study, over forty bereaved children, aged 6-12,  participated in a series of twelve, 90 minute group sessions.  This phase of the study determined that participating children showed significant improvements in realistic attitudes about death, and also made small gains on measures of depression.  The research continues to evaluate this group service.  The Principal Investigator for the completed first phase evaluation was Dr. Robert Schilling and the Co-Investigators are Dr. Nina Koh and Dr. Robert Abramovitz.  For the continuing data analysis phase the Principal Investigator is Dr. Priyadarshi Datta.  This study is being funded by the Center's Research Development Program.

The study was described in the 1991 issue of Practice & Research.