Patient Profile Study

Principal Clinical Investigators: Robert Abramovitz, MD (JBFCS);  Bruce Grellong, PhD  (JBFCS);
Principal Research Investigator: Mark Mattaini, PhD, (CUSSW)

The robust database gathered in the Center's Patient Profile Study provides opportunities to examine many critical practice issues.  In this study, agency clinicians completed comprehensive instruments describing a random sample of 876 adults, children and youth seen as outpatients by the Madeleine Borg Community Services of JBFCS.  Among the important questions examined in the study were the extent, and predictors of, aggression and violence among the patient population.   The study also identified risk and protective factors associated with aggression and violence.  Important intergenerational patterns were discovered.  

The study was described in the 1990 issue of Practice & Research.