Therapeutic Nursery Study  Under direction of Alice K. Frankel, MD (Child Development Center)

In order to describe the changing population which has been treated at the Child Development Center's therapeutic Nursery School, and to examine the impact of language impairment, emotional disturbance, family dysfunction, and life stresses on their development and progress, the families of a cohort of "graduates" (1970 through 1984) are being contacted.  Extensive case records during the Therapeutic Nursery School treatment of 178 children are being coded for computer entry, using a comprehensive instrument two years in the devising.  A total of 146 families are bing contacted, sent detailed computer coded questionnaires, and interviewed by a member of the study group.  A teacher, current or most recent, will also provide extensive information about each child.  Upon completion of this two year phase of data collection, it is planned to interview the children themselves and conduct psychological testing.
The CD case records have been coded and the first group of care givers have been contacted and interviewed.  Twenty six out of 27 families approached have agreed to participate.
The study is under the direction of Alice K. Frankel, MD, Director of the Child Development Center.  The research group comprises both CDC staff and volunteers.  Lauren Behrman, PhD, CDC's supervising psychologist; Rick Greenberg, MSW, JBFCS social worker and research assistant; Evelyn Rothchild, PhD, CDC psychologist; Hilda Fischman, MSW, CDC social worker, Patricia Deeley, MSW, volunteer; and Florence Shulman, BA, volunteer.
The study has been privately supported in part by Mrs. Susan Hecht Tofel and her children, Cathy, Robert and Wendy Cramer.

The study was described in the 1990 issue of Practice & Research.