Domestic Violence Among Families with Allegations of Child Abuse or Neglect: Evaluation of a Protocal for Identification of Domestic Violence and Service Provision

Kathryn Conroy, DSW; Peg Hess, PhD; Randy Magen, PhD and Barbara Simon, PhD

Concerned about the co-occurrence of child abuse/neglect and other forms of domestic violence an inter-agency consortium in New York City has sponsored a program to implement a new protocol developed by the Protective Services Division of the city's Child Welfare Administration.
This protocol systematically provides for an assessment of domestic violence in cases where there is an allegation of child abuse and/or neglect.  Provision is made for referrals to specialized services in those instances in which domestic violence is found.  The protocol is being implemented in one zone of Manhattan.  The Center is conducting the evaluation of this new program.  The evaluation is examining the prevalence of  domestic violence and child abuse/neglect as coexisting in cases investigated; actions taken by staff when domestic violence is identified (such as referrals to preventive services programs, domestic violence shelters, or court; child placement, etc.);  staff attitudes concerning domestic violence and the usefulness of the protocol; and, the benefits of and obstacles to protocol implementation.  The study Principal Investigator is Dr. Peg Hess, the Research  Director is Dr. Kathryn Conroy, and Co-Investigators are Dr. Barbara Simon and Dr. Randy Magen.  The research is funded by the Center's research development program, and external funding is being pursued.  The research was initiated in November, 1993.
The study and more recent developments were described in the 1997 issue of Practice & Research. The project's web home page presents considerable information regarding this topic.