Temporary accommodations in New York can be quite expensive, especially if not planned in advance. Even if you have confirmed University housing, you may need one or two nightappropriate office is closed. If your international flight will arrive after 1 p.m., you should arrange for at least that nightdifficult to clear immigration and get to Columbia before the close of business. If you will need temporary accommodation for more than a few nights, inquire about weekly or monthly rates.

Students in Columbia College and undergraduate students in the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science who have a confirmed reservation from University Residence Halls can go to 118 Wallach Hall at any time to gain access to their room. Be aware, however, that if you arrive in New York before the date on your confirmation, you must make special arrangements with University Residence Halls, and that there will be an additional charge for the extra days.

Students in the other Morningside schools who have confirmed University housing must arrive at the Institutional Real Estate (IRE) office before 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, to sign the contract and receive keys. The IRE office is not open on weekends. Students at the Health Sciences campus who have confirmed housing through the Health Sciences Housing Office should contact that office to arrange access if they will arrive after 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or on the weekend.

This list of inexpensive to moderately-priced places to stay does not indicate endorsement or recommendation by the ISSO. An asterisk (*) indicates walking distance to Columbia. More options can be found on the Incoming Students and Scholars section of ISSOpossible at International House (http://www.ihouse-nyc.org), 500 Riverside Drive (212-316-8400), with rates ranging from $45 to $100 per night. The less expensive transient rooms are not available after August 15. There are usually transient rooms available in January for those arriving for the spring term. In addition, the Hostelling International American Youth Hostel New York (HI AYH) (http://www.hostelling.com/) is only ten blocks from the University (103rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue) and offers temporary accommodations in shared rooms from $24 to $29 a day. Advance reservations are recommended and can be made by AYH at 891 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10025 or by calling 212-932-2300. Another nearby hostel is Jazz on the Park (http://www.jazzhostel.com), 36 W. 106th Street, New York, NY 10025 (212-932-1600). Daily rates range from $27 to $37, and there is a weekly rate of $154. If the preceding options are not available, the YMCAs, which accommodate both men and women, are within 30 minutes of the campus by subway. Room rates are about $70 a day for a single and $82 a day for a double. The addresses are as follows: West Side YMCA, 5 W. 63rd Street, New York, NY 10023 (212-875-4100); and Vanderbilt YMCA, 224 E. 47th Street, New York, NY 10017 (212-756-9600). Other options include:

Wa Tian Inn (Chinese)
Tel: (718)886-2080
Fax: (718)888-0718
Address: 143-02 Ash Ave. Flushing, NY 11355

Aladdin Hotel/Hostel
317 W. 45th Street
Phone: 212-977-5700 317; fax: 212-246-6036
E-mail: aladdinhot@aol.com
$19writing to the HI $25/night, dormitory style. 21-night maximum stay.

Amsterdam Residence
207 W. 85th Street
Phone: 212-973-9402
Weekly: $225, shared bath

Belleclaire Hotel
250 W. 77th Street
Phone: 212-362-7700; fax: 212-362-1004
Daily: $60 $90; weekly: $366 $550.

Blue Rabbit International House
730 St. Nicholas Avenue (at 146th Street)
Phone: 212-491-3892
E-mail: BlueRabbit@hostelhandbbook.com
Daily: $20

*Broadway Studio Hotel
230 W. 101st Street
Phone: 212-865-7711; fax: 212-865-2993
$50. Maximum stay is three weeks.

Chelsea International Hostel
51 W. 20th Street
Phone: 212-647-0010;
fax: 212-727-7289
E-mail: Chelsea_International_Hostel@msn.com
Daily: $25Daily: $35 $55

De Hirsch Residence
(Operated by the 92nd Street YM-YWHA)
1395 Lexington Avenue (at 92nd Street)
Phone: 212-415-5650;
fax: 212-415-5578
895. Stays of less than two months: $44Monthly: $595 $79/night.

*East Campus Guest House
Columbia University Facility
Phone: 212-854-2946
Daily: $58 and $70/single

Habitat Hotel
130 E. 57th Street (at 57th and Lexington Avenue)
Phone: 212-753-8841;
fax: 212-829-9605
E-mail: info@stayinny.com
Daily: $75 $115, shared and private bath

Henry Hudson Hotel
353 W. 57th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
212-977-9099, ext. 301
Weekly: $225

International Student Center
38 W. 88th Street (at Central Park West)
Phone: 212-787-7706;
fax: 212-580-9283
Daily: $15; no reservations; call in a.m. to check availability.

Leo House
323 W. 23rd Street
Phone: 212-929-1010
Daily: $62 $72

*Malibu Hotel
2688 Broadway (at 103rd Street)
Phone: 212-663-0275;
fax: 212-678-6842
Daily: $49 $129, shared and private bath

Milburn Hotel
242 W. 76th Street (at Broadway)
Phone: 212-362-1006
Daily: $78/studio $120/suite.

Quality Hotel On Broadway
215 W. 94th Street
Phone: 212-866-6400;
fax: 212-866-1357
Daily: $105

Sugar Hill International House
722 St. Nicholas Avenue (at 146th Street)
Phone: 212-926-7030
E-mail: Sugarhill@hostelhandbook.com
Daily: $20

*Westside Inn
237 W. 107th Street
Phone: 212-866-0061;
fax: 212-866-0062
$79, shared bath and kitchen area

*Whittier Residence Hall
TeacherPhone: 212-678-3235
Daily: $45E-mail: Westsideinn@aol.com
Daily: $69 $65

YMCA of Greater New York
Various locations
$55 and up per day; also long-term rates


The Brandon
340 W. 85th Street
Phone: 212-496-6901
E-mail: rnikpour@voa-gny.org
Daily: $50; monthly: $664 $792;
2 meals per day

Centro Maria Residence
539 W. 54th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)
Phone: 212-757-6989;
fax: 212-307-5687
Daily: $50; weekly: $250. Breakfast and dinner included.

El Carmelo Residence
249 W. 14th Street
Phone: 212-242-8224;
fax: 212-242-7233
Weekly: $130. Breakfast and dinner included.


Kolping House
165 E. 88th Street
Phone: 212-369-6647;
fax: 212-987-5652
Daily: $40; weekly: $155. Includes lunch OR dinner Monday Friday. Shared bath.


To make a reservation at a variety of hotels near NYC-area airports, call 516-771-7213. Free shuttle pick-up service between airports and hotels.

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