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Health Education and Awareness League (HEAL) was established approximately five years ago with the purpose of promoting health awareness through education in the communities surrounding Columbia University. One of Columbia Community Impact's most exciting volunteer groups, HEAL works with the Graham Windham Beacon Center to provide interactive, engaging health education for Harlem youth.

Who Are HEAL Volunteers?

HEAL volunteers are dynamic, motivated people who love working with kids. They bring enthusiasm to the classroom and make learning about health and science fun! No experience in teaching or education is required. Training will be provided in preparing and executing the presentations.

Mission Statement

The goal of HEAL is to advocate health awareness by:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and educating young people about health risks
  • Serving as role models for students interested in science and health education
  • Getting students excited about health education!

For more information, contact heal@columbia.edu or visit http://www.columbia.edu/cu/ci/groups/heal.


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