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Health-Related Volunteering

Although being pre-med at Columbia may be a challenging and daunting experience, participating in extracurricular activities can help you find an outlet to express yourself, and make a difference at Columbia and in the community. Embarking on the pre-med process is a huge commitment, and as a pre-med, you can be better informed with clinical and volunteer experience in the health care sphere. Medical schools are looking for well rounded students who donate their time to worthy causes. However, that’s not to say that being pre-med means that you have to segregate your time to health related activities. There are plenty of fun and enriching clubs to join at Columbia which will enhance your undergraduate experience.

-Alice Iosifescu, CC’05, Vice President 2004-2005

AMSA-sponsored Activities

  1. Relay for Life
  2. Unite for Sight
  3. Heal
  4. MS Walk
  5. Buddies

Health and Science Related Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Columbia Biological Society
  2. Columbia Forum for Society, Science and Religion
  3. Columbia Neurosciences Society
  4. Chandler Undergraduate Chemistry Society
  5. Project Health
  6. Unite for Sight
  7. Health Education Advocacy League (HEAL)
  8. St. Luke’s Roosevelt Academic Associate Program — volunteer in clinical research in the emergency room of St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.
  9. CAVA — volunteer ambulance corps on campus. Email cava@columbia.edu or call 851-1394.

Check out the websites http://www.columbia.edu/students/org_gov_az.html, http://www.columbia.edu/cu/ci, and http://www.columbia.edu/cu/biology/pages/undergrad/cur/home/index.html for more complete listings of possible ways to get involved in both health-related and non-health related extra-curricular activities.



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