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Global Health

Welcome to the CU AMSA Global Health Webpage!

The Global Health committee aims to bring about a greater awareness of the many health issues around the world and to offer students the opportunity to take action against these problems. We look at global pandemics, the shortage of medical care due to poverty, environmental health issues as well as global health policy and human rights. We hope to not only work towards improving international healthcare, but to influence the premedical community to become doctors who are passionate about medical issues worldwide.

Past Events

  • Bone Marrow Drive – Last year, we collaborated with the Fraternity Lambda Phi Epsilon to host this drive for students to register as bone marrow donors. This event brought awareness because there is a huge lack of bone marrow donors and often it takes just a little to save a life. In addition, this drive eliminated people's common misconceptions about how bone marrow donations are.
  • Service Abroad Trip-Spring Break to Dominican Republic – This was our biggest event last year and a major success. We collaborated with the volunteer group Andanza to perform our community services. For example, last year we visited orphanages, performed basic vital signs for people at the local community center, gave goodie bags for mothers at maternity wards, visited poor and underprivileged areas and provided food, clothes, and financial support for these people.
  • World AIDS Day – On December 1 of last year (World AIDS Day), we set up tables at Lerner selling t-shirts with provocative HIV/AIDS prevention sayings. We put up pamphlets documenting children suffering from HIV along the ramps. This is to raise awareness amongst the Columbia community of the global impact of HIV/AIDS.
  • Malaria Awareness Documentary – In April, we screened a World Health Organization documentary relating to the prevalence of Malaria in Africa and many parts of the world. It showed the seriousness of the disease and how people of poor socioeconomic standings cannot afford to get treatment.
  • Fundraisers
    • Halloween bake sale-around end of october, we held a successful bake sale with halloween-themed baked goods
    • Christimas bake sale-we made quite a profit with gingerbread, cookies, candy canes, and other holiday-themed goods
    • Valentine's Day Candy Grams-we make candy bags (very nicely decorated ones) and have people sign cards and write where and who they want the bags sent to, we delivered them on the day of 2/14.
    • Sponsor A Baby-This fundraiser was especially successful last year. We did this around mid-late February. Basically, we made baskets of baby goods and had people sign up to sponsor a baby and write a card/note to the baby. On our service abroad trip to Dominican Republic, we went to the maternity ward and gave each baby a basket + note, and then we took a picture of the mother and the baby to send to each individual sponsors.
Future Events

In this academic school year, we would like to continue all of our wonderful and successful events from last year.

In addition, we like to improve the service abroad trip by planning concrete projects. We like to start a solid project, such as building a bathroom for many of the poor/underprivileged people we visited last year. More details of this trip are in the planning.

Moreover, we like to host a Night of Nets event on the lawns in front of Butler library. This is already well into the planning stages. This event is part of our Malaria Awareness event of last year. Hopefully, in September, we will be able to get tents set up and nets raised in order to get the entire Columbia community involved in learning about malaria.


National AMSA Global Health Committee Homepage: http://www.amsa.org/global
World AIDS Day: http://www.worldaidsday.org
American International Health Association: http://www.aiha.com/index.jsp


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