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Public Health

Welcome to the CU AMSA Global Health Webpage!

The Public Health Committee is focused on bringing attention to a wide range of health issues through events based both on Columbia campus and the surrounding area. Events in the past have included fundraising for those living with AIDS in Malawi to holding discussions on national health care. In the future, we hope to continue with these events as well as visit children in local hospitals. We encourage anyone interested in being active in the Columbia community both on and off campus to join us for an eventful year.

Past Events

  • Stop AIDS in its Tracks – Members of the Public Health Committee rode in groups along the 1 train to provide information to riders about people living with AIDS in New York, giving a short speech as well as handing out pamphlets and condoms. The event was co-sponsored by the local Stop AIDS in its Tracks group on campus.
  • Panel Discussion on the National Health Care – The Public Health Committee invited a member of Columbia’s Health Services, Dr. Mary O’Brian, to speak on the most recent developments in national health care. A brief overview of the presidential candidates’ ideas for national health care was given, and a summary of a possible national health care system was outlined.
  • Concerts for AIDS Victims in Malawi – The Public Health Committee co-sponsored concerts held on campus to help fundraise money for people living without homes in Malawi. The committee focused on finding local artists to perform as well as advertising for the event.
Future Events

In the future, we will continue many of the events that were started and improved upon previously as well as plan new endeavors for the upcoming year, such as bake sales, volunteering at health clinics in Harlem, and putting on a "Weird Science Show" at the Mt. Sinai long-term pediatric center. Our main goal for the first semester is to raise money for a visit to children in local hospitals during the holiday season.


National AMSA Global Health Committee Homepage: http://www.amsa.org/global
World AIDS Day: http://www.worldaidsday.org
American International Health Association: http://www.aiha.com/index.jsp


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