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Women in Medicine

Welcome to the CU AMSA Women in Medicine Webpage!

As the Women in Medicine Committee of the Columbia University AMSA chapter, it is our mission to foster premedical student unity, to support both aspiring and practicing female physicians, and to promote awareness of women's health issues. It is our goal to address relevant topics in healthcare through discussion, fundraising, and community activism. We hope to encourage lasting relationships between physician and premedical student by providing opportunities for meaningful exchange.

Past Events

The WiM committee sponsored many events this past school year. The first was a lecture regarding Plastic Surgery, in which six female surgeons spoke in an open panel about their experiences. The second lecture was with two ophthalmologists, also in an open panel format. Then there was a discussion forum with Dr. Herbert Chase about medical school admissions, and a panel about conducting medical research with Dr. Toran-Allerand. The fourth lecture was with three pediatricians of differing specialties, and the last event of the year was a discussion forum with a current medical student in Columbia Medical School. The WiM committee also held shadowing opportunities throughout the year.

Future Events

This year, we are going to focus more on the shadowing aspect of WiM, and are going to make it a formal process. Students will be systematically paired with a doctor in the specialty of their choice and participate in activities together for the student to understand the medical community more. Due to the success of the panels, there are more planned for the 2010 year, with more popular interests, such as pediatrics. For a brochure on the WiMís mentoring program, please see link below.


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