Columbia University Film Productions
Committed to all aspects of film with a concentration on production.

Columbia University Film Productions (CUFP) is the undergraduate resource for filmmaking at Columbia University supporting all film related needs for the Columbia undergraduate community. CUFP supplements the theoretical courses in the Columbia film division and offers undergraduate students the opportunity to master the art of filmmaking. With over 360 active members, CUFP has multiple on going productions. CUFP also organizes independent film screenings with some of the leading films and filmmakers in the NY independent scene. Furthermore, CUFP has an annual film festival showcasing some of the finest films from the undergraduate community at Columbia.

CUFP organizes guest lectures, training seminars, and other educational film related events. The club is also sponsoring its first ever financing contest, which will moderately fund three student films. CUFP has extensive DV equipment, and offers training and use of its resources. We also develop divisions that actively lead the different elements in productions including: writing, acting, producing, directing, cinematography, and post-production/editing. We look forward to being involved in any film related event and supply any film related needs.

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